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新疆25选7走势图 www.lrchy.cn Established in 1998, www.lrchy.cn is the first and most popular “Overseas Study” web portal in China; the NO.1 brand ingrained in many Chinese students’ minds.

www.lrchy.cn exert to a neutral platform, provide variety going abroad information, including: Study abroad, Emigration, Job seeking oversea, Language study, Paper’s preparation, College information and so on. With the exact, comprehensive and timely information, we are trusted by our users.

www.lrchy.cnmunity is the most popular “Going broad” community in China which is devoted to diversification, friendship, sharing and mutuality, an inter-communicative bridge and homeland built up via collective efforts. Our community has different sections, such as BBS, Blog, Album, Friend finder, Events, Travel Companion and so on.

Presently, www.lrchy.cn have over 150W+ registered users, 850,000 pages viewed per day on average, and unique users exceeding 74,000 hits per day.

Comprehensive cooperation with other mediums

www.lrchy.cn is the prior cooperative partner of many famous China website, such as: China.com, Yahoo.cn, NetEase, sohu.com, Tom.com, Tencent, Xaonline.com, Szptt.net.cn and so on. Our articles are often quoted and reshipped by traditional mediums everywhere.

Comprehensive and in time information

www.lrchy.cn has the authoritative information from various official organizations in different countries. We invite various countries’ embassy officers, visa officers, educational counselor, student abroad and so on to come to www.lrchy.cn, communicate with our user face to face.

Our editors filtrates the latest, most exact, neutral, most comprehensive and impersonal studying abroad, emigration information for our users.

Users are from all over the world

www.lrchy.cn registered users in China spread over a wide range of medium to large cities, with a high concentration in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and their surrounding areas; overseas users who are studying abroad mainly distributed in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, America, Singapore and several popular countries for studying abroad and emigration.

Years cumulated, tigtag have helped countless Chinese students or people going abroad. Their high loyalty and wide distribution continuously ensures Tigtag’s influence to potential student abroad, potential settlers, study abroad and emigration agencies, language school, student abroad, Overseas Chinese communities and corporations. Actually, in these years, Tigtag plays as a leader role in study abroad, emigration websites and oversea Chinese websites.

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